A Preliminary DCCP implementation on BSD

What is this?

This is a preliminary release of a dccp implementation.
The kernel code here is based on the FreeBSD implementation by Lulea University and it is modified to meet the current specs and includes some enhancements.
The code is still preliminary, but it supports both CCID2 and CCID3.

How to get the codes?

If you want to play with the implementation, please get the following three codes.

  1. Kernel code for dccp
    get the newest kame code in cvs repository via anoncvs
    (see here for anoncvs configuration)

  2. Patch to ethereal-0.10.11
    get a patch from here

  3. A sample code for DCCP
    get a code from here

  4. Patch for tcpdump
    The patch was merged!
    get current tcpdump source code from here

Which I-Ds are supported by this implementation?

Well, it might contain some bugs, my current targets are the following I-Ds.
  1. draft-ietf-dccp-spec-11.txt
  2. draft-ietf-dccp-ccid2-10.txt
  3. draft-ietf-dccp-ccid3-11.txt

Which OSs does it run on?

I have done small tests on NetBSD on FreeBSD5.
I'm working on OpenBSD support now.

Does it support IPv6?


Where should I send comments?

If you have any comments on these codes, feel free to contact to nishida @ csl.sony.co.jp

Yoshifumi Nishida